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14 October 2009 Leave a comment

Recorded with Marantz PMD660
Edited with ProTools LE 7.0
Broadcast on North Gate Radio on KALX 90.7 in Berkeley, CA


Berkeley Iron Works

If your exercise routine seems a little monotonous, then maybe you should consider a hobby that lets you go over and under and maybe even sideways. The Berkeley Ironworks is not only a fully size fitness gym, but has over 20,000 square feet of various climbing terrain. People come here for the convenience of indoor climbing to stay fit and sane. —Broadcast 30 April 2009


Allegro Music Store

In these grim economic times, chain stores and online retail companies still pose an increasing threat to small businesses. The Allegro Music Store in Fremont, CA has been a mainstay in the community for the past 47 years and remains full of life. —Broadcast 12 March 2009


Used Fashion

In these tight economic times, style might be the last thing on your mind. But if you’re worried that your look might be so five minutes ago, this is a place where yesterday’s clothing becomes tomorrow’s fashion. And even if you don’t really care what you wear and usually get dressed in the dark, you should still listen to find out where you can get good affordable clothing. —Broadcast 7 May 2009


Legal Muse

Peter Maybarduk is a DC-based singer/songwriter, but his movements around the world and humanitarian activities give his music life. Listen to this one-on-one interview. —Broadcast 8 April 2009


Matt the Butcher

An audio exercise interviewing someone with a noisy job. —4 February 2009


Giants Game During SF Earthquake

An editing exercise where I was given a handful of full length audio clips and told to edit together a story, paying close attention to audio mixing, in one hour. SFX sounds created by me from the clips I was given.


© 2009 Linsay Rousseau Burnett

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