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Closing the “Green Motels” – Seeking Justice for Sexually Abused Farmworker Women

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Masters Thesis for UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
5 May 2010
This provided the foundation for the story that went on to be produced by PBS Frontline, the Center for Investigative Reporting and Univision. The documentary has won the Alfred I. duPont-Colombia Award, John F. Kennedy Journalism Award, Public Radio News Directors Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.
We have to wear a bandana to cover our face and head, loose clothing, big shirts, a big hat and glasses. So we’re not appealing and we look ugly. So the men won’t look at us. We do everything to be left alone.    –Juanita, campesina in Yolo County

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Mission Ready: The Military’s War on Debt

24 November 2009 2 comments

Published on PBS FRONTLINE
24 November 2009

In May 1985, federal agents arrested a 47-year-old retired Navy chief warrant officer on charges that he had spent the better part of two decades spying and providing top secret U.S. documents to the Soviet Union. It was a headline story for weeks and one of the last major spy cases of the Cold War era. Read more…

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Trying to Smile

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5 May 2009

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wasn’t sure what to expect as I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, turned down the hallway and stood outside of Matt’s door. I took a breath and tried to exhale all remaining nervousness and hesitancy as my knuckles struck the door. “Linsay, I’m so glad you made it,” greeted Matt in a familiar timber and we embrace for the first time in seven years. Has it really been that long since Peter (his roommate and my boyfriend at the time) and I sat across from him one sunny afternoon in Williamsburg, Va. when things changed forever? “I’m HIV positive,” Matt had said then in a perceptibly detached tone. It was the middle of his senior year at college but within months he was on a plane to California. Word had leaked out and Williamsburg wasn’t a good place to be gay and HIV positive. Standing in the hallway hugging this brilliant intellectual and accomplished thespian, his surgical mask rubs up against my cheek and reminds me why Matthew Blanchard is once again forced into seclusion and that this time, life as he knew it would never look the same. Read more…

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